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All Pressure Washers' Buyers' Guide

Below you’ll find information regarding All Pressure Washers’ pressure washer offerings. In addition to homeowner pressure washers, we supply various custom pressure washers and standard power washer models – many with deluxe features and all with attachment kits included – that can address an endless number of applications. If you have any additional questions before or during your shopping experience, please do not hesitate to call our helpful and knowledgeable representatives.

Professional Grade Pressure Washers for Residential Use

All Pressure Washers Specializes in Cold Water Pressure Washers and Hot Water Power Washers, Including Electric Powered Pressure Washers, High Power Pressure Washers, Residential Power Washers, Home Pressure Washers and Portable Pressure Washers

All Pressure Washers’ professional and consumer grade pressure washers are ideal for any number of applications, including for residential and business uses. We realize that when it comes to pressure washing at home and at work, the applications can be as varied as they are demanding. So we offer our customers not only a diverse selection of pressure washers but also a flexible variety that can take on a wide range of tasks. When it comes to household tasks and tasks around your place of business, our gas and electric pressure washers can be used for:

* Automotive cleaning applications

* Outdoor applications

* Drain cleaning

* Brick walkways

* Driveways

* Windows

* Pool decks

* Wooden decks

* Siding and stucco

* ...and much more

Special Custom Pressure Washers

All Pressure Washers Specializes in High Pressure and Truck Mounted Units, Including Gas, Diesel and Electric Pressure Washers for Unique Needs

If the pressure washer you need is not included in the 100+ models All Pressure Washers offers for commercial, industrial and residential applications, we will be happy to custom build a pressure washer to suit your unique needs. Based on the sizable inventory we offer our customers, it should be no surprise that we can build custom pressure washers for specific tasks, including slightly altered pressure washers from our standard inventory and specialized pressure washers built from the ground up.

All Pressure Washers’ custom made pressure washers are built with premium quality parts. No matter what you intend to use your custom pressure washer for you can be sure that it will perform well for years to come. With competitive pricing and quality to rival leading retailers, All Pressure Washers is your best source for custom pressure washers.

The same options available in our 100+ pressure washer models are also available in our custom pressure washers. Our custom pressure washers are comprised of components by Pressure Pro, General Pump, AR (Annovi Reverberi), Cat Pumps and Honda, among other industry leaders. We feature truck mounted units, commercial power washers, truck mounted pressure washers and custom pressure washers with the following:

* Cart or skid mounting

* Diesel, gas or electric operation

* Direct, belt or gear drive

* High quality construction

* Hot and cold water operation

* Rugged components

* Varying levels of power (GPM and PSI)

* All models complete with accessories

Please contact us today to both inform us of what you require in a custom pressure washer and to learn what we are capable of. We look forward to working with you.

Industrial Pressure Washers / Commercial Pressure Washers

Looking for a best seller for commercial or industrial pressure washing applications? You have come to the right place for a diesel, electric, gasoline and/or hot water pressure washer.

At All Pressure Washers we are well aware of the quality required of pressure washers in commercial and industrial settings. When constant use is not only a possibility but an inevitability, you can depend on All Pressure Washers to supply pressure washers that will not only last but will continue to perform with constant use.

This is why, with 100+ models of pressure washers, All Pressure Washers distributes a complete line of commercial and industrial grade gas, diesel and electric pressure washers. In addition, our industrial pressure washers and commercial pressure washers are available in a variety of configurations to perfectly suit your specific applications. Power washers are available in both free standing models and in truck mounted models for applications requiring some travel.

All Pressure Washers is proud to offer the perfect units for tough cleaning jobs that are ready to use day in and day out. For example, we offer a wide variety of models ideal for contractors and other commercial customers. Our sophisticated mid-sized pressure washers are durable and built to withstand the pressures of everyday use and transport while being smaller and easier to use than larger industrial models. (Our mid-sized power washer models usually weigh between 100 and 150 pounds.)

High Quality Contractor Grade Pressure Washers

All Pressure Washers’ contractor grade pressure washers, along with every single pressure washer we sell, offer accessory kits with 25’ or 50’ foot hoses, a trigger gun, a wand, quick connect nozzles, and, with most models, chemical/soap injector systems for added convenience. Our contractor grade pressure washer selection features a wide variety of gas and electric motor pressure washers. For more detailed information on the specifications of our power washers, please see the “Specifications” tabs on our individual product pages. In addition to mid-sized hot and cold water pressure washers, All Pressure Washers also features a selection of larger industrial grade pressure washers and power washers built to suit demanding industrial applications.

Advanced Industrial Grade Pressure Washers

Our advanced industrial pressure washerscome fully assembled and ready to operate and feature a variety of configurations, making our industrial grade pressure washers suitable for an extremely wide range of applications. We offer industrial pressure washers that are free standing, on wheels and truck mounted. When customers require industrial grade pressure washers with advanced features, large water tanks and more power, All Pressure Washers is a preferred supplier. For more information on our specific pressure washer models, please see the “Specifications” tab when you view our pressure washer products individually. Keep in mind that if what you need is not included in our standard inventory, we are happy to build it for you to the exact specifications for your applications.