6000PSI-160 Orifice-Stainless Steel Filter Plug-Rotating Nozzle
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sizes cover the most popular pressure and flow ranges.
General Pump rotating nozzles are a favorite of Water Cannon's SalesDepartment because of their reliability, low cost and the adjustable fanfeature. Just dial the nozzle and go from removing a stubborn baked onpiece of gun from the sidewalk to a wider 25 degree pattern of deepcleaning efficiency. These nozzles are re-buildable, lightweight and 3
This General Pump rotating nozzle is rate up to 6000psi and it works by increasing cleaning efficiency by focusing the water into a high velocity rotating circle that is adjustable from 5 to 25 degrees. The circular scrubbing spray pattern results in a deeper clean in half the time it would take using a fixed pattern nozzle. Its lightweight design and durable precision ceramic components enhance this best selling nozzle, which is for use with equipment rated up to 6000 PSI. The ZR MAX nozzle has a maximum water temperature of 186 degrees F and has a Stainless Steel high pressure filter 100 mesh stainless steel screen which is easy to clean and eliminates clogged nozzles.

The more powerful pressure washers with pressure levels up to 7000psi can accomplish tasks that most cleaning equipment can't even touch, like stripping paint, degreasing heavy-duty equipment, and removing the most stubborn oil, dirt, grime, and soil residues from concrete, walkways, driveways, sidewalks, brick, building exteriors, and much more. Specially designed accessories can make any pressure cleaning job easier and more efficient.   

For paint stripping or barnacle removal we recommend adding a rotating nozzle to your system. The turbo rotating nozzle increases the blasting power by concentrating a zero degree stream of water into a 25 degree high rpm pattern. Water Cannon supplies to the pressure cleaning industry a full line of rotating nozzles from 2000psi to 7000psi.  

Water Cannon recommends always using eye and face protection when operating a pressure washer and the rotating nozzle.
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